SlashyGaySticks of the World Unite!

...for the seriously squeed...

Institution for the Clinically Slashygayed
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This community serves as a hospital for those suffering the symptoms of Fangirlism and it's side effect: Squeeitis. It also provides sanctuary and salvation in the way of an asylum for anyone who brandishes a glittering slashygaystick. (You know who you are).

So, if you find yourself suffering from any of the above, then find yourself at home here at the Slashygaysticks Hospital for the Squeed of the World (SHSW). Let the Squee Sufferers of the world unite, and join forces with the power of the Slashygaysticks!

Oh, and we like tea, too. White. No sugar.

The Rules
1) Be nice. We likes friendliness, preciousss. No evol please.
2) Use the Lj-cut. It makes life easier.
3) For now, this community is restricted to Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean. As and when the slashygaybigwigs fall into the oubliettes of new fandoms, they might be added too.
4) As far as the above three fandoms are concerned: anything goes. RPS, FPS, whateverPS... and picspam. We like picspam a lot.
5) But please don't hotlink. And/or other such things that piss people off.
6) Keep it gay. And slashy. Sticks are available at reception if you're low on inspiration.
69) Serve massster, precioussssss...

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