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Darlings! How perfectly appropriate. Please join with me in a round of the Clinically Slashygayed mantra:

"I thought I was the only one."

Or, oh dear, does that only apply to old fag-hags like moi, who were not only alive, but actually remember when Rocky Horror was first released? *stapling hand to forehead* No, no, I'm _quite_ sure it was only a few years ago i found an entry in one of those Readers-y Digest-y Your Sex Questions Answered book, a lengthy discussion on why men find Hot Bi Babes together so very ~arousing~, followed by a dismissive paragraph explaining why no *women* would ever feel the same way about two snake-hipped, eyelinered, delish bits o' pirate glam together. Ah! Well! Simple enough, then, i knew it! Coz i _swear_ i'm really a gay man trapped in this femme-y body - sad!

And now the angst-y slightly disturbing confessional.. You see, i only two-thirds belong here because
(dare i say) i just Don't Get the Harry Potter thing at ~all~. Maybe it's my crone-like vantage point, but they seem much more like Children than Sex Objects to me, which borders much more on the Eeewwww than the Squeee. What's worse, my most truly be-ribboned and purple glittered slashly heart ultimately belongs to Velvet Goldmine. Kurt Wild - Brian Slade - oh be still my hot beating throbbing - um, HEART. Yeah, that's it. =9

So anyway, that's it in a silver jockstrap, if you'll still have me..

"Gonna walk right up to him / Give him a Great Big Kiss - MWAAHHH!!!"
oh baby, you're so vicious..
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