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Title: Now, The Gloves Are Off Part III 
Author: desire_billy
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: NC-17 (Oooo the smut!)
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Author's Notes: Italics indicate song lyrics. Lyrics belong to Linkin Park.
Summary: Dom has taken up Punchbag Boxing, Billy likes the results.

Dom was so shocked by the kiss he froze. What was Billy doing? How much had they had to drink tonight? Was Billy drunk? Dom took so much time thinking about what Billy was doing that he did not respond to Billy soft kiss fast enough.

When Dom did not return his kiss, Billy pulled away and looked out onto the water. “Sorry. Don’t know where that came from! Guess I was feeling a little Bi!” Billy choked out a laugh over the pain.

Dom looked at Billy. Dom didn’t know what to say. Dom always knew what to say. He could make light of any situation or he could always say just the right thing to make someone feel better. But this time, he was at a loss. He didn’t like not being in control of his emotions. And he could not control the pain seeping into his heart. Maybe Billy was just drunk.

“S’ok Bills. Too much moonlight, beer, and heartache. Come on, let’s get inside before we end up proposing to one another.” There, that was good come back, he hoped.

Billy looked over at Dom and smiled. Billy thought, “Can always count on you to make me smile. Damn you. And why don’t you wear more clothing? Wanker.”

Dom stood up and offered Billy a hand. Billy took it and stood up. “Thanks mate.”

Billy put an arm around Dom’s shoulders, “You know you really are the best.”

Dom put his arm around Billy’s waist as they made their way back to the house. Dom’s heart pounded as he asked, “How’s that?”

Billy laughed, “I just fucking kissed you, and you didn’t freak. You just let me.” He looked at Dom and winked, “And you didn’t laugh!”

Dom laughed once again at the memory of him and Elijah attempting to kiss. Dom knew why he didn’t laugh at Billy’s kiss. He found it arousing not amusing. “Well, that just goes to show you how much more appealing you are than Lij!”

They had reached the house and Dom let go of Billy as he opened the sliding glass door. Billy stood behind Dom and watched the muscles in his arm and shoulder flex slightly as he pulled the door open.

He had to repress the urge to run his fingers along the sinewy muscle that ran down the back of Dom’s upper arm. “Fuck, I have got to stop this! Dom has got to start wearing a fucking shirt.” Billy thought. “He’s ONLY a friend.”

As they walked into the house Billy began to wonder why Dom had thought he could fall in love with Elijah but not him. His heart hurt as he thought that Dom could not be interested in him like that.

Dom turned back to Billy as he said, “Well, I’m going to go to bed…” Dom noticed the look on Billy’s face, “What’s wrong Bill?”

Billy looked into Dom’s eyes. All he could see was concern. Not desire. Not love. “Nothing. Just tired I guess. Night Dommie.” Billy moved down the hall to his room cursing the tears that threatened his eyes.

Dom watched Billy enter his room and close the door. He leaned against the wall and breathed deep. He wanted nothing more than to throw open Billy’s door and proclaim his love for him. But, he thought he would only embarrass Billy and himself for his foolish thoughts.

Dom lay awake in bed for the next hour berating himself for falling for Billy. All the feelings Billy had described to Dom he had had for his girlfriend Dom was now feeling for Billy. Dom chuckled to himself as he thought, “Figures! You finally know what love feels like and it has to not only be for Billy, but a straight Billy. Good job Monaghan. Real fucking smart!”

He rolled over and pushed his face into his pillow hoping to suffocate the pain taking over his soul.


Billy woke to the sound of music. Loud angry music. He couldn’t stop the smile that crept over his face as he realized Dom was probably in the garage boxing. The mental image from the other day would serve him nicely when he felt like a good wank. Dom’s cut, muscular body sweating as punched the bag. His body bouncing to the beat of the music. His arms stretching out in a rhythmic sequence.

Billy sighed as his morning erection twitched at all the images Billy’s mind was supplying. Suddenly Billy realized his hand had drifted into his boxers. He pulled his hand away. “What the fuck am I doing?” He whispered to himself. “Shite!”

He got out of bed and put on a pair of baggy shorts. He walked into the kitchen and made himself a cup of tea. He sat at the table fighting the urge to spy on Dom as he worked out.

“Ah, fuck it!” Billy pushed the chair back and walked out the back door and made his way to the opened garage door. He could hear Linkin Park’s ‘Papercut’ pounding out of the stereo. Billy knew he would never be able to listen to Linkin Park again without picturing Dom half-naked and boxing.

As Billy peeked around the side of the house into the garage the sight of Dom took his breath away. Dom had on another pair of black tight cotton shorts and no shirt. He was moving in rhythm with the music. His muscles moving with the force of the contact his gloved hands made to the punchbag. His entire body glowed with sweat. His knees were slightly bent as he assaulted the bag with a series of uppercuts. Billy licked his lips as his eyes traced the muscles in Dom’s thighs.

Dom was glaring at the punchbag as he was saying the lyrics of the song through clinched teeth. The anger was very apparent to Billy. Billy had only seen Dom angry a few times in the past, but it was never like this. Billy was ashamed that it aroused him so much. An angry Dom was a hot Dom.

It's like I'm paranoid lookin' over my back
It's like a whirlwind inside of my head
It's like I can't stop what I'm hearing within
It's like the face inside is right beneath my skin

The series of jabs to the punchbag as Dom moved around it made Billy’s breathing quicken. Dom sang the next verse with his eyes closed as he beat the punchbag.

The sun goes down
I feel the light betray me
The sun goes down
I feel the light betray me

Upper cuts and jabs flowed from Dom’s body as if he were a machine. Billy was mesmerized. His erection let him know he was a little more than turned on.

It's like I'm paranoid lookin' over my back
It's like a whirlwind inside of my head
It's like I can't stop what I'm hearing within
It's like the face inside is right beneath my skin

As the music came to an abrupt stop so did Dom. He turned to the front of the garage, and Billy went to pulled back afraid he would be discovered then realized Dom’s eyes were still closed.

Dom’s head hung back as he let out a sigh. Billy couldn’t stop the moan that escaped from his throat. Billy was thankful that the music had started up again. He watched as Dom stretched and raised his arms over his head. Billy’s eyes fluttered as he felt the wave of desire flow over him. Dom’s forearms fell behind his head and he moved chest and hips from side to side.

Billy whispered, “Shite.”

He pulled away and leaned against the house. How had it come to this? He was spying on Dom and getting a hard on. He pushed away from the house and walked back into the house and settled down on the sofa, his face resting in his hands as he placed his elbows on his knees.

Billy tried to concentrate on breathing normally. Dom was his friend. He knew he could not be anything more. If Dom had been interested in Billy in either a physical or romantic way he would have approached Billy a long time ago. Besides Billy had given Dom the perfect opportunity last night, and Dom had done nothing.


Dom opened his eyes and looked around. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched. He didn’t see anyone. He half hoped he would find Billy looking at him with his eyes full of desire like they had been last night.

Dom had spent the morning beating the punchbag trying to rationalize why he had not been honest with Billy last night. Words like friendship and regret filtered in and out of his mind. He needed Billy in his life. He knew as friends that Billy would never leave him. As lovers was another story. Besides Dom figured Billy had just been drunk and heart broken and was looking for a little attention when he kissed him. If Dom had try to do anything more, Billy might have rejected him and Dom could not bare that.

Dom sighed as he turned off the stereo, grabbed his towel and made his way into the house.

He saw Billy sitting on the sofa with his heads in his hands. “Poor Bills,” he thought. “He’s really tore up about the break up. He deserves so much better.” He walked towards Billy.


Billy had been thinking that perhaps Dom didn’t find him attractive enough, when he heard Dom say, “Morning, Bill. Sleep well?”

Billy jumped at Dom’s close proximity. “Oh, hey. Yea slept great.”

Dom was standing right in front of him. He was wiping his chest off with a small towel. Dom’s hands moving on his own body made Billy’s leg start to move up and down like a dog who was getting his stomach scratched.

Dom looked down at Billy and laughed. “When did you get so damn jumpy?” Dom moved the towel from his chest over his shoulder and down his left arm.

“I’m going to jump in the shower, then we can discuss what to do today. We can meet up with Elijah this afternoon. He’s got an audition this morning.”

“Ok, great. I’ll just make us some breakfast,” Billy replied as he watched Dom disappear into the bathroom. Billy leaned back on the sofa and ran his hands through his hair, “Smooth Bill, real smooth!”


Dom stood in the shower letting the hot water caress his body. Dom loved his overly large shower. He leaned one hand on the shower wall with his face held into the spray of water. He moved his head to the side letting the spray move down his neck. His thoughts would not stray from Billy.

He loved Billy. He really loved him. He wanted to spend all his time with him. As cliche as is was, he wanted Billy to be the last person he saw at night and the first person he saw in the morning. He wished he had kissed Billy back last night. He lips had been so soft and tender. He imaged Billy would be a tender and giving lover. Dom bet Billy would be the kind of lover that always pleased before being pleased.

Dom smiled as he felt his erection growing. He turned away from the spray of water as he took the soap in his hands. He lathered his hands then moved them along his chest falling to his stomach feeling his abs flex. Slowly his hands moved along his hips then around to his ass. Dom imaged his hands being Billy’s. He imaged Billy standing behind him kissing and licking his neck as his hands moved over Dom’s hard body.

Dom stroked his cock with one hand as he arched his back and his other hand pushed closer to his entrance. He could almost feel Billy behind him rubbing his cock against Dom. Dom hissed Billy’s name as he pushed the tip of his finger inside himself. His pace quickened on his cock.


Billy was in the kitchen trying to make breakfast. He could not concentrate due to the lack of blood circulating in his brain because in was all directed to his crotch. He had already burned the eggs. He was looking for something else to make, as that was the last of the eggs.

He wondered what Dom normally ate for breakfast. For all he knew he ate wheat germ and raw eggs. Isn’t that what Rocky ate? He figured he’d better just ask Dom.

He walked to the bathroom and opened the door. They had always done that. Never knocked unless it was the bedroom door. They had spent so much time together in the past that the familiarity was still there.

Billy was met with a wall of steam and stream of soft moans. Billy froze when he realized Dom was moaning his name. The sound of Dom’s sultry voice made his cock ache to be touched. Billy needed this. He wanted Dom. He pushed his shorts and boxers to the floor in one swift motion.

He grabbed his cock and stroked it as he walked to the shower curtain. Dom was pumping his own cock and teasing his entrance with his finger when he felt a rush of air pass him as Billy pulled the shower curtain back. Dom’s hands left his body as he opened his eyes expecting to see a laughing Billy.

What he saw was a very aroused Billy stroking his hard cock and looking at Dom like had did last night. Dom looked at Billy’s body and moaned, “Oh Billy, yes.”

Billy stepped into the shower and pushed Dom against the tiled wall. “No more playing around Dommie. Now, the gloves are off.”

With his hands on Dom’s large biceps he kissed him passionately. His tongue wrapped itself around Dom’s. Dom pushed his tongue farther into Billy’s mouth.

Billy moved his hips closer and their cocks touched. Dom’s body was still slippery from the soap so their bodies glided against each other. Dom pushed his cock into Billy’s.

“Billy, oh God, please. I want you, please.”

Billy felt his body melt at the sound of Dom admitting his desire. He moved his hands up Dom’s arms, over his shoulders and down his chest. God his body was magnificent.

“Fuck Dom, I want to rub my hands all over your body. I want to run my tongue all over you.”

Billy ran his tongue across Dom’s jaw line and down the side of his neck. Dom quivered at the touch. Dom’s hands caressed Billy’s back as the hot shower rained down on both of them. Billy pushed his knees between Dom’s legs and pushed them apart.

Billy purred in Dom’s ear, “Is this what you were imagining as you took yourself in your beautiful hands, Dommie? Hmmm, I heard you moaning my name. Sounded so fucking good.”

Billy bit into Dom’s shoulder as his hands slid down Dom’s chest and stomach and latched onto his cock. Dom’s breathing had become heavier as Billy talked. His accent was so strong, his voice so low.

“Yes, Billy, oh yes. You were running your hand on my cock, oh yea like that.”

Billy was breathing just as hard as Dom. “Tell me, Dommie. Was it like this?” Billy pulled on Dom’s cock just at the tip causing Dom’s body to vibrate with ecstasy. “Did I have you pressed against the wall like this? Was I kissing you? Tell me.”

Billy had never been with another man before, but he knew what turned him on. And it seemed to turn Dom on also.

Dom had one hand behind Billy’s head and the other on his chest. The wet hair on Billy’s chest felt like silk under his hand. “Oh God Bills, you were…….you were…….oh fuck….”

Billy squeezed Dom’s cock hard causing Dom to open his eyes as he gasped. He looked into Billy’s burning emerald eyes. Billy was looking into Dom’s eyes demanding an answer. A sexually commanding Billy was a hot Billy.

“I was what, lover?”

Billy calling him lover caused Dom to moan loudly. Not only Dom’s body ache for Billy his heart begged for him too.

Through his panting Dom said, “You were behind me Bill, pumping my cock rubbing yours on my ass. Oh fuck Billy do it, fuck me Billy.”

Billy let out a moan that sounded more like a growl as he grabbed Dom’s shoulders and forcefully turned him around. Dom loved how strong Billy was. Billy had an incredible body. Tight and cut. His arms were not as large as Doms but nearly as strong.

As Dom pressed his palms against the tiled wall he pushed his hips out and up. Billy took the soap and rubbed in on Dom’s back and ass. After getting Dom all soapy and slippery he pressed his body against him. They both moaned as Billy’s cock rubbed Dom’s entrance.

Billy had never felt this way before. He wanted everything Dom had to offer him and then some. He wanted to make love to Dom and hold him in his arms forever.

Billy leaned back and rubbed his hands along Dom’s muscular back. Dom slid up and down the wall slightly as the desire for Billy overwhelmed him. Billy had never seen Dom so sexy or beautiful. Dom was so incredibly sensual. Billy cursed himself for not doing this earlier in their relationship.

As Billy caressed Dom’s body Dom became engulfed in his desire and love for Billy. Feeling Billy’s hands on him and feeling Billy’s cock so close to his own made him feel like he was aflame. He wanted to moan Billy’s name over and over telling him he loved him, but he was so lost in his hunger for Billy he didn’t think he could form words anymore.

Billy leaned into Dom again and said, “Want you Dommie. Love you so much. Let me take you.”

Dom’s world exploded. Billy loved him and wanted him. He moaned and groaned as he backed his hips into Billy’s feeling his hard cock. “Billy, Billy, now, yes, love you, always love you ..”

Billy reached around Dom and took Dom’s cock in his hand and began to stroke him softly. With his other hand he took his own slick cock and pushed into Dom. The first ring of muscles resisted for a moment causing Billy to shiver and stop stroking Dom’s cock.

Billy had never felt anything so tight around his cock. It felt like heaven. He took his hand from his cock and grabbed Dom’s hip. He thrust farther into Dom and matched the pace with his other hand on Dom.

Dom pushed into Billy impaling himself farther onto Billy. His head thrown back he whispered, “Yes Billy. Yes, love me. Harder Bill harder.”

“Oh fuck Dom, fuck. You’re so good. So fucking tight. OH, yea....” Billy pounded into Dom.

Their moans and cries of pleasure bounced off the tiled walls filling the room with their love. Billy leaned back feeling the spray of water on his chest as it ran down between him and Dom. The water intensifying the pleasure.

Billy began to twist his hand around the tip of Dom’s cock and that was more than Dom could take. “Billy oh Billy, Billy, oh fuck yes, I’m cumming, Bill, cumming…” Billy could feel Dom unload onto his hand and the wall.

As Dom’s body shook with his climax Billy moved his hips faster and faster. He grabbed Dom’s hips with both hands now. “Dommie. I fucking love you, love you, need you, oh FUCK! FUCK!” Billy’s body vibrated with his orgasm.

He had never felt anything so intense. He wrapped his arms around Dom’s chest and pulled him close. Billy kissed Dom’s neck as they both tried to regain control of their breathing. Billy caressed Dom’s chest as the spray of water ran across it. Dom reached over his shoulder to run his thumb along Billy’s cheek.

“Billy. Did you mean it?”

Billy licked Dom’s ear, “Which part, lover?” Billy smiled when he felt Dom’s body tremble.

“All of it.”

“Yes, Dommie. Yes.”

Billy turned Dom around and took his face in his hands. “I love you. I believe I always have.”

Dom placed his hands on Billy’s hips and smiled, “Me too Billy. I love you so much.”

He leaned in and they kissed. The kiss was not like either had ever felt. Soft and true.

Billy turned the water off and they stepped out of the shower. Dom handed Billy a towel and they dried each other off. Neither saying a word, just looking at each other smiling. The look in their eyes and on their faces said it all.

Dom pointed his long graceful index finger at Billy, and pressed it into Billy chest.

Billy laughed, “Hey! What was that for?”

Dom smiled at him and said, “Pushing your button. Now you’re gay.”

Billy threw his head back laughing. He pulled Dom closer and said, “I think you pushed that button a long time ago lover.”
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