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Purple Hooter Madness

Title: Purple Hooter Madness
Author: desire_billy
Pairing: Billy/Dom, Elijah/Orlando
Rating: NC-17 Smut smut smut!!
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Author's Notes: This is a real alcoholic drink! Very potent!
Summary: Side effects of doing Purple Hooter* shots at poker night.

The weekly Friday night poker games at Billy and Dom’s had become almost routine. Billy and Dom would go to their flat and set up the card table, chairs and fill the fridge with beer and the liquor cabinet with the essentials. Orli and Elijah would show up around 7pm with munchies and money to lose.

By 10pm Elijah would be broke and Orli would be more interested in doing purple hooter shots. Dom had discovered the shot on a trip to the Florida Keys years earlier. He made them one night for the boys, and Orli was hooked. Tonight’s game would be no different. Well, maybe.

After claiming most of Elijah’s money, and making three rounds of purple hooters, Orli had put on some dance music and Dom and Billy were in the kitchen making yet another round of shots. The alcohol had gotten to them all. Elijah was giggling much more than normal. Orli was dancing more seductively with his hips than on any normal night. Billy was singing louder and slightly off key, and Dom’s was getting annoyed at his ‘hard as fucking rocks’ erection.

Elijah always giggled, but tonight it seemed he could not utter more than a few words without going into a giggle fit. Orli always danced suggestively, but tonight he was intent on showing the boys just how sexy he was. He kept grabbing at Elijah and making him dance with him.

Billy loved to sing and everyone loved to hear him sing. Tonight, however, the alcohol had him off key. And Dom, well, Dom walked around with a forever hard on, but tonight it seemed to throb more and more with every move Billy made.

“Now, Dom,” Billy was saying as he poured Chambord into the mixer, “perhaps we should slow down on the shots after this one.”

Dom had barely heard what Billy had said. He was too busy grinding to the music into Billy’s hips. He was behind Billy with his arms tightly around his waist. His knees were slightly bent and his lips were nuzzling Billy’s neck.

“Mmmm, yoroght,” Dom mumbled as he moved his lips to Billy’s ear and pushed his erection against Billy’s ass.

Billy laughed as he turned the mixer on filling the kitchen with it’s sound. Billy started singing loud enough to be heard over the mixer. Dom didn’t seem to be bothered by the sound of the mixer or Billy’s singing. He continued to create the friction that his cock so desperately desired as he pushed against Billy.

Billy turned the mixer off, but continued with his current volume of singing. Dom was pushing his hands up Billy’s shirt. Finally Billy said, “Dommie, we have guest. Can’t you tame that thing for a little longer?”

Dom backed off and looked down at his crotch. The bulge was very noticeable. “No, Bills, I don’t think I can. Those damn shots are going right to my balls.”

The beat of NSYNC’s ‘Space Cowboy’ drifted into the kitchen.

Billy was pouring the shots out as he laughed. “Well, you are going to have to try, at least for a few more hours.”

Dom groaned. Billy handed him two full shot glasses and picked up the remaining two. He leaned over and gave Dom a kiss on the cheek, “I promise I’ll make it worth your while to wait.”

Dom glared at Billy, “Well, thank you very much for making it throb that much more Boyd!”

Billy walked-swayed in front of him laughing and wiggling his ass. Dom gave Billy’s backside a smoldering look, and followed. As Billy exited the kitchen he suddenly stopped. Dom was so busy entertaining a thought he bumped right into Billy, spilling some of the drink on him.

“Fuck, Bills, what are…”

A figure caught his attention as it danced in the living room. Tall and beautiful dressed in his black pants with his black silk shirt unbuttoned so it swayed open as he danced revealing a perfectly smooth tanned chest. Orli had grabbed Dom’s well-worn cowboy hat. As he danced and sang the rap part of ‘Space Cowboy’ he had one hand on the hat on his head, and his other hand hooked in his pants by the thumb. He was bending at the knees as he gyrated as if riding a bull and shaking his chest making sure Elijah had a good view of him. His eyes never left Elijah.

Dom and Billy were mesmerized by Orli’s shameless display of his body. Elijah was also staring. The giggles were replaced with eye widening moans. Orli reached out and brought Elijah in close. They danced together, their hips moving together. Orli had pressed his naked chest up against Elijah causing Dom’s mouth to hang open.

Billy turned and was pushing Dom back into the kitchen.

Dom started protesting, “Fuck, no Bills, this is hot! Come on, I wanna watch.”

“Shut up Dom,” Billy hissed as they entered the kitchen. Dom looked up at Billy slightly hurt. He went to ask Billy why the hell not, but then he heard it. His eyebrows raised and he and Billy smiled.

Curiosity soon got the better of Billy. They drank down two of the shots and tip toed out of the kitchen to peek around the corner and into the living room.

Both Billy and Dom were quite drunk. So in order for them to tip toe they had to not only hold onto each other, but the wall also. Dom managed to knock down a picture from the wall, and Billy tripped falling into the wall. They decided not to tip toe, but to just walk.

As they made it around the corner, they heard it again. That was NOT Elijah giggling. No, that was Elijah moaning. Billy and Dom tried to steady themselves against the wall and get a good view of what was going on in the living room. Billy was in front of Dom and Dom was trying to push him down so he could see over Billy not around him. Billy was reaching back and swatting Dom’ s hand away from his shoulder.

“Stop it Dom,” Billy was whispering in a drunk’s whisper.

“Shut up they’ll hear us,” Dom drunk whispered back.

Billy giggled and said, “I don’t think they would hear a sonic boom. Look at them go at it. I didn’t know they were into blokes.”

Dom didn’t answer. He was to enthralled with the scene unfolding in front of them.

Orli had Elijah pinned against the far wall of the living room. He had both of Elijah’s arms pinned over his head and Orli’s hips were grinding into Elijah’s. Orli’s face was buried in Elijah’s neck, and Elijah was moaning loudly.

Dom unconsciously put his hand on Billy’s ass and started to massage it. Billy noticed and grinned with satisfaction, but did not take his eyes off the two men in front of them.

“Dom, we shouldn’t be watching them like this.”

“You’re right Bill. We should be watching them like this.” He moved and pinned Billy to the wall. He took Billy’s mouth and drove his hard cock into Billy’s erection. He still had his eyes on Orli and Elijah and moaned as he saw Orli go down on his knees.

Billy pushed Dom back and turned his head, “Oh fuck! I gotta see this!” He turned so Dom was once again behind him.

Dom nuzzled Billy’s neck and Billy moved his ass against Dom’s cock. Soon they could not decipher whose moans were whose. Dom had reached around and unzipped Billy’s pants and his long finger’s wrapped around Billy’s cock. Billy had reached behind him and found Dom had already released his cock. He grabbed it and started stroking it. Both were still staring at Orli’s excellent show of giving Elijah head.

Orli’s shirt was hanging off one shoulder as his head bobbed back and forth on Elijah’s erection. His hands were rubbing Elijah’s thighs then he moved one hand to cup Elijah’s balls and the other caressed Elijah’s stomach. Elijah had his hands on the back of Orli’s head.

Dom was licking Billy’s ear as he said, “Suck my cock, lover?”

Billy smiled and squeezed Dom’s cock, “Suck mine! I wanna watch this!”

Dom hissed, “Fuck, me too. I know.” Dom moved away from Billy.

Billy turned, “What, where are you going?”

Dom just wiggled his eyebrows as he held his pants and moved down the hall. Billy saw him enter the bedroom, but he was determined to spy on his friends till he was either caught or spent. He grabbed his cock and started pumping it as Orli held Elijah’s cock in his hand and sucked on Elijah’s balls.

Billy moaned, “Oh God, that’s good.” He saw Dom coming back down the hall smiling and naked from the waist down. He was stroking his now well-lubed cock.

Billy nodded his approval. He knew he loved Dom for some reason. Dom saddled up behind Billy and watched Elijah gasp as Orlando took him back in his mouth completely. Dom smiled as he rubbed his slick cock against Billy’s entrance. Billy rolled his hips up to give Dom better entry.

Dom grabbed hold of Billy’s hips and thrust inside him. Billy reached out and grabbed at the wall as he moaned with pleasured pain. Dom watched Orli bring Elijah to climax. As Elijah moaned and repeated Orli’s name Dom pounded into Billy. Billy was moaning his own mantra of Dom’s name. Both, however, kept their eyes on Orli and Elijah.

As Elijah recovered from his orgasm, Orli stood up and kissed him. Elijah put his arms around Orli and spun him around pushing him against the wall. Dom and Billy now had a perfect view of Orli’s face and body. At some point during his performance on Elijah he had unzipped his pants and pulled his cock free. Orli was smiling as Elijah kissed his chest and licked his nipples.

Dom actually stopped moving when he saw Elijah’s tongue flick Orli’s nipple and grab his cock and start pumping. Billy would have objected except that this also transfixed him. Only when Dom exhaled did they notice they had stopped.

“Dommie, fuck me. Don’t stop.” Billy breathed as he moved back against Dom.

Dom thrust back into Billy causing Billy to moan loudly. Dom bit into Billy’s shoulder as he groaned.

Billy watched Elijah kneel in front of Orli and stroke his cock. He could tell Elijah was looking up at Orli as he stroked him. Billy closed his eyes for a moment getting a mental image of a lust filled Elijah eyes looking up at him holding his cock. “Oh fuck yea.”

Dom had reached around Billy and was jerking him off. Dom was engrossed in watching Orli react to Elijah’s touch. He had always found Orli attractive, but this was fucking amazing! He was thrusting into Billy hard and fast. His was close and he wanted Billy to come at the same time. He quickened his pace with his hand on Billy and started twisting his hand over the head of Billy’s cock.

Billy shivered as Dom did that twist thing that always brings him to climax. “Fuck Dom, do it, do it.”

Dom closed his eyes for a moment revealing in the pleasure that was Billy Boyd.

He opened his eyes when he heard Orli moaning out, “Lij, ohgodfuckmebabes, yes.”

This put Dom right over the edge! He came hard into Billy as Billy came on his hand. Billy’s body was shaking and Dom had to hold them both up. Billy leaned back and Dom kissed his neck. “Come on love. Let’s clean up before they see us.”

Dom led Billy to the bathroom where they cleaned each other up in between kisses and words of lasting love. They walked out of the bathroom giggling and slipped into the kitchen. They downed the two shots that had originally been for Orli and Elijah.

Within minutes a stunned Elijah and smiling Orli walked into the kitchen. Orli looked at Dom and said, “Where are those shots mate? What have you two been doing? Watching a movie?” He wiggled his eyebrows as he talked.

Billy blushed and turned to busy himself with the blender. Elijah looked from Dom to Orli with a confused look on his face.

Dom laughed and smirked at Orli, “Best fucking movie I’ve seen in awhile. Oscar worthy performances!”

Orli laughed as he wrapped an arm around Elijah, “You know it babes!”

Elijah blushed and buried his head in Orli’s chest as he giggled.

*Purple Hooter Recipe*

This drink is typically served as a shooter although it also great on the rocks or served up in a cocktail glass. Any way you choose to prepare this drink your head will spin like an owl's after few.

Build in a blender and mix with ice.

1/2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Chambord Raspberry Liqueur
1 splash 7-Up

Blend & Strain into shot, cocktail or rocks glass.

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