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Billy's Laugh

Title: Billy’s Laugh
Author: desire_billy
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: NC-17
Feedback: Please
Summary: Dom Loves Billy’s laugh

The joking, the sexual innuendo, the *fake* sex talk had gone on for weeks.

These were a bunch of young guys having the time of their lives in an adventurous setting, doing what they loved and getting paid for it. They laughed and made friends with one another. Billy and Dom had clicked immediately. Their sense of humor was alike. They were both outgoing, wanting to make people laugh. Wanting to make each other laugh.

It usually started with an innocent touch. An accidental brush of the hand, a touch of the arm after a good joke. Eventually someone would smirk and make a comment about how much touching was going on. It wasn’t always Billy and Dom they were talking about in jest. Orlando and Elijah were each touchy kind of guys. Always a hug for anyone they met, not just each other. These were young happy guys.

Someone would make a comment like, “Gee, guys when are the wedding invitations going out?”

Dom would envelope Billy in his arms and plant a big wet kiss on his cheek and answer, “As soon as my honey bunny says yes.” Everyone would laugh and go about their business.

Many times in Elijah trailer one of the four if not more would be sitting closer than the norm to one of the other deep in conversation with each other. Laughter would erupt and one would push the other down on the sofa and begin to wrestle. Orlando was the best at this tactic. Having more height over the rest gave him the edge on wrestling. Dom was the strongest of the group though. Billy was definitely the craftiest. And Elijah was the most energetic.

These four men had formed a bond few others understood. They were more than friends or brothers. They truly loved one another. Would do anything for the other. Two, however, were oblivious to the true feelings each had for one another.


For months now this band of men had bonded and began to spend all of their time together. Due to their working schedules being almost identical, Dom had moved into Billy’s flat. Between work and play they were together practically 16 hours a day anyway, it seemed natural.

Elijah was the youngest, and had never lived alone. Orlando moved in with him as their schedules were close and they enjoyed the same extended nightlife hours. Most house parties were thrown here. Elijah had the music, the video games and Orlando ALWAYS came through with the women! One look from his chocolate brown eyes and women would follow him to the edge of time let alone a party.

It was one such night that the need for more than friendship showed itself to two friends.


The party was going strong by the time Billy and Dom arrived. They had decided to get something to eat before embarking on what usually proved to be a long night laden with much alcohol. Billy parked the car and jumped out eager to shrug off the worries of life and have fun. He got about ten feet from the car when he realized Dom was still in the car. He went back to the car and opened Dom’s door.

“Sorry, my, sweet. Was I not being gentleman like?” Billy joked as be bowed.

Dom just sat there looking at his feet. Billy looked up and crinkled his forehead in worry. He reached out and put a hand on Dom’s shoulder, “What’s wrong? I thought you wanted to come to this tonight? Orlando promised at least two women for each of us!” Billy raised his eyebrows a few times trying to make Dom smile.

Still Dom sat there looking at his feet.

Following his gaze, Billy asked, “Did you wear the wrong shoes, mate?” Billy laughed at his own joke.

This got a smile from Dom. Dome loved Billy’s laugh. Dom laughed and turned his head to Billy, “You’re an idiot Boyd.”

“Aye, but you love me none the less.”

Dom climbed out of the car, Billy slapped him on the back and they walked up to Elijah and Orlando’s flat. Outside the door they could hear the pulsing beat of music and the sound of women laughing.

No need to knock; no one would hear it, so they walked on in and joined the madness. It was a sea of women, cast and crew from the set and loud dance music.

Dom caught Orlando’s eye when they entered. Orlando made his way through the crowd towards them, but not before groping some of the partygoers and being groped. Laughter trailed in his wake.

“Gentleman! Glad you finally made it. What made you so late?” He turned to Billy, “Dom want a blow job before leaving?”

Billy and Orlando laughed heartily at this, Billy reaching out to give Orlando’s arm a squeeze, as was his custom when he enjoyed someone’s joke.

Dom smiled and gave Orlando a jab on his shoulder saying, “Bitch!” More laughter. “Speaking of bitches, where’s yours. I don’t see him.” Again laughter.

Orlando draped an arm around Dom and said, “Well if you’re looking to get a little strange before Lij gets home, just ask big boy!” Orlando kissed Dom on the cheek, but couldn’t keep a straight face. They were all smiles and laughter, but one felt very conscious of the others presence.

Elijah came home about 45 minutes after Billy and Dom’s arrival. He was greeted with the same amount of enthusiasm as always. The party always got just a bit wilder with the young man’s presence. He had a certain electricity to him that just jolted everyone up a notch.

Before long, Orlando had kept to his word. Each of the men had at least two women hanging on their every word if not hanging from their body. Orlando had managed to get completely piss drunk. This was, perhaps, how it all started.

Orlando was standing near the kitchen with three lovelies attached to various parts of his body, when Billy past by him. Orlando’s hand shot out and grabbed his shoulder. This made Billy somewhat loose his balance he fell into the foursome. They all laughed and Orlando said, “That’s OK Bills, always wanted to have you join in!” Billy, Orlando and the girls laughed wildly at this. Billy leaned into Orlando’s chest with his cheek and one hand resting there also.

Suddenly Orlando took his arms from around the women, wrapped one around Billy’s waist and one behind his head. In dramatic fashion he dipped Billy and kissed him on the lips. Again, Orlando could not keep a straight face. He smiled and began to laugh before his lips left Billy’s. Billy was laughing so hard now, he has tears streaming down his face.

From seemingly nowhere Elijah fake slapped Orlando’s face saying, “Whore! You said you loved me.” Elijah’s mouth was pouting, but his eyes were alive with laughter.

Orlando reached out and grabbed Elijah by the waist and pulled him into his chest. “Shut-up Frodo and kiss me!” Everyone was laughing at the farce going on before them. Everyone, but Dom.

The sound of Billy’s laughter had drawn him to the scene. Something happened to Dom when Billy laughed. He wasn’t sure if he understood or if he even wanted to know. As he watched Orlando’s lips touch Billy’s Dom felt sick.

Dom made his way through the laughing masses and walked out onto the patio. The night air was cool and crisp and Dom welcomed the calming effect it had on him. He was confused. Why did this bother him now after all these months of this sort of bantering? Dom sat down, and put his face in his hands.

“What the fuck are ye doing out here, love?”

Dom recognized the slur of an all too familiar Scottish man he was very much afraid he was falling in love with. Dom looked up and watched Billy stagger out and lean against the railing. All Dom could do was look at him. He was so beautiful. He was so much fun. He was such a good friend. He was so Billy.

“Well, what ye thinking about, hmmm? Do you need a small pick me up? Elijah pretty small, maybe he could come out and give you a wank!” Billy laughed at his joked seemingly oblivious to Dom’s cringe. Billy stepped closer to the door.

“Hey Lij, come here and give yer old budd…” He was yanked back by Dom before he could finish.

“What did you do that for?” Billy asked in annoyance.

“Billy, I just want to go home.”

Billy looked at Dom for a moment, then asked, “Alone? Or do you have a bird or two picked out?” Again Billy was raising his eyebrows trying to get a smile from Dom.

Dom gave him a halfhearted smile and said, “No, Bills. I just want to go home.” He turned and was making his way to the front door when Billy tugged on his shirt. Dom turned around.

“Yeah, Bills?”

“Here take the car keys.”

“Thanks Bills.”

Dom continued out of the party, leaving laughter and fun behind for a night sure to be full of anguish and pain. Dom was deep in thought as he climbed into Billy’s car and started the engine. He put the car into gear, put his foot on the gas and started to drive home. As he looked up he saw Billy standing there with a look of annoyance on his face.

Dom rolled the window down and asked, “What is it Billy?”

“You’re leaving without me you silly sod! I gave you the keys cause I’m snookered. What you thinking leaving me here?” Billy climbed into the car.

Dom didn’t intend Billy to leave the party. He was having so much fun. “Billy you don’t have to leave.”

Billy laid his head over onto Dom’s shoulder and fluttered his eyelashes, “Of course I do, sweets.” Billy howled with laughter and leaned his head back onto his seat. Dom’s stomach did a flip. The sound of Billy’s laughter filled his head.

Dom drove off into the night taking him and Billy home, almost wishing Billy had stayed at the party.


When they arrived home, Dom had to help Billy into their place. “Maybe it was a good idea Billy left the party,” Dom thought.

Once inside Dom sat Billy on the sofa and went to get water and aspirin before putting Billy to bed. When he returned for Billy, he was gone. Dom called for him and got a response from somewhere near the bedrooms. Dom walked down the hall and realized Billy was not in his room, but in Dom’s.

Dom walked into his own room and saw Billy standing there looking at Dom’s bed. “What are you doing?” Dom asked.

“So this is where you, you know,” Billy was swaying doing the dance of a drunkard, “do things.”

“Next time we go to a party, I’m cutting you off when the shots start being past out. You aren’t making any sense. Take these and drink this and let’s get you into bed.” Dom was handing Billy the aspirin and water.

Billy didn’t even notice Dom was handing him anything. He continued his dance of swaying, stumbling then catching himself. “No, no. I know what I’m saying,” he turned and pointed a finger at Dom, “but do you sir know what you are saying?”

“OoooK, Bills, time for nighty night. Let’s go.” Dom placed his hands behind Billy’s shoulders and began to guide him out the door.

Billy shook free from Dom, but was too unsteady to keep his balance, and he fell onto Dom’s bed. When he hit the bed, he started laughing. The image took Dom’s breath away. Billy in his bed, and happy. Dom tried to forget Billy was drunk as a sailor on shore leave, but the pitch of Billy’s laughter reminded him. Billy’s laughter tended to turn into a schoolgirl’s when he was this drunk.

Dom took hold of Billy’s hands to lift him off the bed, but Billy managed to pull him down on top of him. Dom felt panic rise in his chest. He was lying on top of Billy. A drunk Billy no less. He tried to roll off, but Billy wrapped his arms around Dom’s waist, and held him tight. Dom put his hands on either side of Billy’s head to push himself up. How many times had Dom fantasized about being in this position with Billy, only to have to have it happen and Dom desperately wanted to get away from Billy. Billy was just being playful; Dom didn’t want something like him getting a hard-on to freak Billy out.

Billy was smiling at Dom saying, “You know Dommie,” Dom loved it when Billy called him that, “you really are the best.”

“I know Bills so are you. Now come on, lets…”

Billy cut him off, “No, no I mean it. You the best friend I’ve ever had. You’re funny and we are so much alike. Spooky really. Tell me, Dommie, if one of us was a woman would we be making out right now?”

Dom’s heart stopped. Why would Billy think such a thing? Suddenly Billy started laughing.

Dom felt like an idiot. He should have given the trademark joke of an answer. “Yes, you bitch,” came to mind. Somewhat pissed at himself for actually thinking Billy meant something by the joke, Dom tried to pull away, only to be brought back down on to Billy’s chest.

Dom looked down at Billy and saw his face turn serious. They lay like that for some time looking into each other’s eyes. Dom felt himself being pulled into those magical pools of green. Suddenly he realized Billy was pulling him in.

As their lips touched Dom stopped breathing. He was so conflicted. He knew Billy was drunk and may not remember any of this tomorrow, or worse he would remember and hate Dom for allowing it to happen. Dom was trying to figure out what to do when Billy’s tongue slipped in between Dom’s lips. Dom heard himself moan.

He knew he should have stopped Billy, but he wanted this so much. Dom started to kiss Billy’s jaw line and run his tongue down his neck. Billy tightened his grip around Dom’s waist as he ran his hands up under Dom’s shirt. Dom was nibbling Billy’s ear when he felt Billy’s embrace loosen. He pulled his head up from where he had it buried in Billy’s neck and looked at Billy’s face.

“Fuck!” Billy had past out.


Dom had carried Billy into his own room, and put him in bed. Dom stayed up almost till dawn pacing, worried what Billy might remember. He wasn’t sure what would be worse if Billy did remember and got upset, or just plain did not remember.

Dom woke at 11am to the smell of food. “Billy’s awake,” Dom thought. His chest constricted and he was considering hiding in his room till the movie was done. Well, at least till Billy went to the bathroom or left the flat himself. If he could just slip out unnoticed he wouldn’t have to deal with Billy’s memories or the lack there of. At least not yet.

Dom decided he would do the most mature thing he could, and pulled the covers over his head waiting for some clue that it was safe to run. He had fallen back asleep, when he heard the shower running in Billy’s bathroom.

“Shit,” Dom said to himself, “how long has he been in there?” Dom jumped from the sanctuary of his bed, hastily put on a t-shirt and pants and grabbed his shoes and keys. He was attempting to put his shoes on, and walk at the same time, to get out as fast as he can.

One shoe on and he was half way to the front door. He was putting his foot into the other shoe, which he held in his right hand, when he decided he needed to pick up his sunglasses that were on the table. He tried to do all of this at once, but lost his balance. He fell back, then to the side trying to catch himself, but to no avail ended up on his ass with a thump.

“Fuck!” Dom said to himself. Then he heard that laughter that was music to his soul. Billy was leaning against the wall just inside the hallway fresh from the shower. His head back as his laughter filled the room, and Dom’s heart. He was clad only in a towel wrapped tightly around his waist. His hair damp and messy, and his skin aglow from the heat of the water.

Dom was looking up at Billy and laughing also. Whatever Billy did or did not remember from last night, he wasn’t upset about it. Dom felt relief.

Billy walked over to Dom and held out a hand. “I had no idea how wonderfully graceful you can be, Dommie,” Billy said with a twinkle in his eyes. Dom’s heart soared at the sound of Billy calling him Dommie. Dom took Billy’s offered hand and hoisted himself up. Billy’s hand felt warm and Dom had never noticed before how strong they were.

Maybe it was Dom’s imagination or wishful thanking, but he thought Billy held onto Dom’s hand slightly longer than was necessary.

“What’s the rush, mate?” Billy was asking, “Hot lunch date, hmm?” Billy was already walking down the hall. He was still laughing.

Dom was torn inside. “Thank God, he doesn’t remember. Damn, he doesn’t remember.” Dom thought to himself. Dom decided to make the best of this mixed blessing. He would store the memory of Billy pulling him down to him and kissing him in the deep recesses of his mind. He would always have that memory to pull up whenever he wanted. Plus he still had his best mate none the wiser to his true feelings.

Dom decided he best leave since Billy was under the impression that he had a good reason to leave the flat. Dom found himself driving around for hours. He relived their kiss over and over in his mind. By the time he came home, it was dark outside, and Dom was telling himself he was OK with everything. Dom was starting to get very good at lying to himself.


When Dom entered the flat it was dark and silent. Billy must have gone out for the night. Dom preferred it this way. He could take a shower and spend a quiet night watching TV or playing video games forcing his mind not to think of the kiss.

He took a long shower, letting the water run over his body as if trying to cleanse his mind of how Billy felt against his body. He resisted the urge to wash his erection over and over. He needed to stop thinking of Billy. Dom reached down to the faucet and turned the hot water off leaving only cold water blasting his body into deep denial.

Dom stepped out of the shower and started drying his hair with the towel as he walked out of the bathroom to cross the hall to his room. The towel was hanging over his eyes, or he would have seen Billy standing next to Dom’s bedroom door.

“That was some kiss last night, huh?”

Dom jumped and pulled the towel from his face. “Wha..” Dom was not prepared to talk about it. He had just spent the whole damn day thinking about it, but not how to talk about it. Much less to Billy.

Billy’s eyes fell to Dom’s hips. Suddenly Dom remembered he was naked. Naked and wet. Naked, wet and now get aroused. He covered himself with the towel, and brushed past Billy to enter his room.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Dom thought. “What do I say? God I don’t want to screw this up.” He was standing with his back to Billy.

Billy had followed him into the room. He couldn’t help smiling as he had such a beautiful view. Dom had only covered his front with that damn towel. Billy was now enjoying the shape of Dom’s ass. His legs were strong, as was his back. Water was dripping down his back making its way down the rest of his body making Billy wish he were a droplet of water.

“I thought it was a pretty good kiss, of course till I past out,” Billy was saying almost jovially, “Sorry about that. Too many shots I guess.”

Billy was treating it like it was a joke like what happened at Orlando’s party last night. Dom knew he should turn around and just join in the conversation like it was nothing at all, but he so afraid. He was afraid he would say the wrong thing, not to mention the monster hard on he know sported. Billy would take things the wrong way, get mad, storm out. Dom could not lose his Bills. All of the sudden Dom realized he was still naked. Naked and now not so wet. He wrapped the towel around his waist and picked up a magazine casually, at least he hoped it looked casually, to hide his erection. He turned around to face Billy.

In his best bitch voice Dom joked, “You are such a tease big boy.” He forced a laugh out and walked to his walk in closet to get dressed. Billy was laughing as he followed Dom.

“Why is he following me?” Dom thought. “How am I going to explain my attachment to this fucking magazine.”

“Ok, just wanted to make sure we were OK, mate.” Billy was saying. “Can’t remember the last time I got that wasted.”

“No problem Bills. I’d rather you get drunk and make a pass at me than wake up with some farm animals.”

“Me, too!” Billy was laughing so hard he leaned against the closet wall and reached out grabbing Dom’s arm giving it a squeeze. Dom knew this was Billy’s way of letting him know that was a good one, but it felt different with Dom standing there naked behind only a towel with a raging hard on.

Billy pushed off the wall and started walking out still laughing. Dom had turned away from Billy silently cursing his erection.

Before Billy left Dom’s room he stopped and said, “Hey, Dommie?”

Dom hoped that Billy could not see the chill bumps that broke out all over his body at the sound of his nick name spilling from Billy’s lips. “Yeah, Billy?” Dom called over his shoulder.

“Nice try with the magazine, but next time maybe you should try newspaper. It’s bigger.” Billy smiled and walked out of the room closing the door behind him.

“Shit.” Dom said looking down at his bulging cock not very well hidden by the magazine.


Dom planned to stay in his room the rest of the night. He was too embarrassed to look at Billy. After getting dressed, pair of boxers and tshirt, he sat on his bed and decided to play some video games Elijah had loaned him. This was sure to get his mind of Billy.

The strategy worked for almost an hour till Billy knocked on Dom’s door. “Dom are you coming out or am I going to have to have Elijah tarred and feathered for getting you hooked on those damn games?”

Dom didn’t know what to say. Hell no, he wasn’t coming out. Instead he said, “Um, go ahead, Elijah would probably like it.”

Dom heard Billy’s laughter and then he saw the door open. Billy stood there smiling and his eyes were right on Dom. “Come on, don’t stay in here all night playing those mind numbing games. Come talk to me. I’ve made some dinner, and I want some company.”

How could Dom possibly refuse? He smiled at Billy and said, “OK, I’m hungry anyway.” Dom slid his legs off the bed and was about to stand when Billy sat.

Dom wasn’t sure what Billy was doing. He wasn’t laughing anymore. In fact he had an all too serious look on his face. “What’s wrong, Bills?”

“Dommie,” chill bumps hit Dom’s body, “tell me something, please.”

“Of course, what?”

Billy turned his head and looked directly into Dom’s eyes. “Do you ever think about me?”

“Sure I do. You’re my best pal.” Dom thought he handled that rather well.

Billy shook his head, “No, Dommie,” more chill bumps, “I mean think about things like what happened here last night. Do you ever wonder, I mean do you ever get the urge to, do you ever get confused?” Billy was looking down at his feet.

Dom took a deep breath and said, “Sure Billy, sure I do. We have become real close. Closer than I have ever been with anyone before. Sometimes I think what we have is what couples have that stay together for fifty plus years.” Billy turned and looked into Dom’s eyes. Dom continued unable to stop the flow of words. “I don’t think many people in this world get the chance to experience what we have. I not only think of you as my friend, but my soul mate. Nobody knows me better than you do and I’d like to think nobody knows you like I do. So yea, I get confused sometimes. If I walked around with my eyes closed and you talked an octave or two higher I probably wouldn’t feel so damn confused.”

Billy laughed sending Dom’s heart soaring as he said, “Funny, I thought you’d be the girl in this.”

“What?” Dom said jokingly, “You’re the more feminine one. Look at those hands!”

Billy was laughing as he stood up, “How can I be the girl when I have all this chest hair?” Billy was holding his shirt open.

Dom stood up next to Billy and raised his tshirt. “Hey, what do you call this?”

“Um, what? Oh I thought that was dirt!” Billy howled with laughter.

Dom lowered his shirt saying, “Oh you’re going to pay for that one.”

Dom grabbed Billy’s wrists, backed him up against the wall and held his arms over his head. Dom was using his body to pin Billy to the wall.

“Oh come on sweetie, don’t break a nail now,” Billy said through laughter. His laughter cutting through Dom making him shiver.

Dom was smiling as he had Billy pinned against the wall. He said, “If I’m the girl why are you the one pinned to the wall?”

“You don’t think you’re the girl Dommie?” Chill bumps.

“No, actually I don’t,” Dom said.

Billy jerked his right leg free and wrapped it around Dom’s waist. Dom caught his breath, which caused his body to back off Billy ever so slightly. Billy took advantage of this and wrapped his other leg around Dom. So now the only thing keeping Billy against the wall was Dom’s hips. Dom still had Billy’s arms over his head, but his grip on his wrists was loosened.

Without warning Billy leaned his head in and kissed Dom savagely. Dom could feel Billy’s erection has it started to fill his jeans. Dom too was getting hard. As Dom let go of Billy’s wrists he slid his hands down Billy’s arms and wrapped them tightly around Billy’s waist. Billy thrust his tongue inside Dom’s mouth. Their tongues glided in and out of each other’s mouth with heated fury. Billy put both hands on the back of Dom’s head pushing him closer.

Dom took all of Billy’s weight off the wall and turned around to the bed. They fell on the bed still in their embrace with Billy on top.

Now it was Billy’s turn to pin Dom down. He took Dom’s hands in his and held them down by his hips. Billy began to kiss Dom along the jaw. He could hear Dom’s breathing getting more rapid. He could feel Dom’s cock pressing against his thin boxers.

“Oh God Dom. I can’t control myself. I’ve wanted this for so long. Please let me touch you.”

Dom had his hands in Billy’s short silky hair. His heart was beating so fast he felt it would burst out of his chest. He bucked his hips into Billy so he could feel Billy’s cock on his.

“Yes, Billy, so have I.”

Billy slid off Dom a little so he was lying next to Dom. He was till kissing and nibbling Dom’s neck and ear. His hand drifted down Dom’s chest and down onto his cock.

The heat of Billy’s hand was so intense. “Oh Bill please, I’ve waited so long, please.”

Billy pushed Dom’s waistband down exposing Dom’s huge erection. Billy moaned at the sight of it. Billy wanted to taste it. He moved so he was between Dom’s legs. He put his mouth around the head of Dom’s dick. Electric shivers went down his back at the feel of Dom’s smooth cock in his mouth. Billy used his hands and his mouth to turn Dom into a moaning writhing mass.

Dom’s legs were spread as far as he could spread them. His legs ached from the pain. His back arched and his hips bucked wildly trying to get further and further into Billy’s mouth. Billy had taken his own shorts off and was stroking his enlarged cock.

Suddenly Dom felt Billy’s arms under his thighs. Billy was pushing his legs back towards his chest. Dom’s knees on Billy’s shoulders He felt something cold and slick on his ass. Billy was rubbing lube onto him. Billy had been carrying a tube of lube wherever he went when he was with Dom praying for this chance to take him. Billy pushed one finger into Dom. Dom cried out in pleasurable pain.

“Oh please Billy, take me.” Dom moaned. Billy felt as if his body was on fire. He stood slightly pushing Dom’s legs back. He took his cock in on hand and placed the other on Dom’s hip. Slowly he started to push into Dom’s heat.

“Dommie, oh please, let me, Dommie.”

Dom was gripping the covers of the bed in his fist turning his head back and forth, “Yes Bills, do it. Do me.”

Billy pushed harder and was in past the tight muscles now into the bliss. The lube made everything so slick. He moved in and out of Dom. Both moaning and repeating each other’s name. Dom grabbed his dick and started stroking it.

“Oh yeah, that’s it Dommie. Show me, show me how good it is.” Billy could not control himself. He wanted everything from Dom. He leaned down and covered Dom’s mouth with his own. His tongue darted in and out of Dom’s mouth. The scruff of Dom’s face scratched Billy clean smooth face making Billy moan with the pain.

Billy pushed harder and faster in and out of Dom. Billy took Dom’s calves in his hands and held Dom’s legs up and out. Watching his cock moving in and out of Dom as Dom’s pumped his own cock was sending Billy over the edge.

“Bill I’m coming, oh oh yesss…” Dom came forcefully on his own chest. Billy could feel Dom’s body tighten and the sensation made Billy come. He pulled out of Dom and came on Dom’s stomach.

Billy lay next to Dom kissing his neck as he tried to catch his breath. Dom turned so he was face to face with Billy. “I love you, you know. I really love you.”

Billy placed a hand on Dom’s cheek and said, “I love you too, Dommie.” Dom smiled as he got goose bumps and lay his head on Billy’s chest.

“You know what else?” Billy asked.

“What’s that?”

“You were definitely the girl just now.”

Dom jabbed Billy in the side as Billy’s laughter filled the room.
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